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   Felt & Lukes, LLC
   555 S Industrial Dr
   Hartland, WI 53029

   Lynn Lukes
   Tim Felt


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  Who We Are

Felt & Lukes, LLC is a Women-owned Business Enterprise that specializes in receivables management services in seven key industry groups including financial institutions, commercial, education, government, healthcare, telecommunications and utilities.


  Delinquency Management Program

The Delinquency Management Program enables clients to outsource their entire collection function to Felt & Lukes, LLC., thereby eliminating the need for an internal collection department. This transfer of collection activities reduces multiple client risks (compliance, human resource, etc.) and generally results in lower cost to the client over time, and improves collection effectiveness.

Our company will provide clients with full collection services. We will send the letters and notices, make the collection calls, process bankruptcy proof of claims and reaffirmation agreements, repossess, dispose of collateral, supervise collection litigation, conduct settlements and make debt counseling referrals.

  Client Focused Consulting Services

Felt & Lukes, LLC Consulting Services are designed to help clients perform collections internally with greater efficiency. We consult with management to analyze current collection strategies, which includes reviewing the basic functions of the collection department to improve policies, procedures, and positive customer relations. Recommendations are then made to management given the analysis of the current collection strategy.

  Education and Training Services

Felt & Lukes, LLC will provide seminar opportunities to help educate client staff about winning approaches, techniques for internal collection, new collection developments as well as basic collection practices. A wide range of topics will be offered such as bankruptcy, telephone skills, effective letter and notice writing skills, basic compliance issues, and skip tracing.

  Service Delivery

All services are delivered to clients through personal on-site visits, phone, and web-based contact. We can generally customize delivery of most services to meet client needs.

Commissioned services begin as soon as the referral is received. Web-based delivery of the debt management program is efficient, cost effective and safe for the client, if data encryption requirements are followed.

Felt & Lukes will emphasize web delivery of services where feasible and cost effective. However, we will also explore alternative delivery methods to assure that each of our client’s particular needs can be met.

Debt management services can be delivered in 30 days or sooner if there is a particular need. It generally makes sense to explore with the client the types of services our clients are looking for and their particular strengths, prior to making a final delivery decision. That way certain aspects of the service can be customized to save the client money.

Consulting services can be delivered as needed to meet any particular client's needs.

Felt & Lukes, LLC, 555 S Industrial Dr, Hartland, WI 53029